Walk or run every day and track your results. Track the total number of kilometers that you and your teammates have walked or ran during the challenge. The team who has the highest total number of kilometers recorded wins!


Use your phone’s built-in health trackers or another app to track your results. Copy this template file to keep record of your team achievements.


A heart monitor for each winning team member.



If you enjoy cycling, find fellow riders and form a team. Track the total number of kilometres that you have cycled as a team during the challenge. The winner will be the team who has achieved the highest number of kilometres collectively!


You can use any preferred app to track the distance you cycle every day. Copy this template file and use it to keep record of your team results.


Led gloves for cycling for each winning team member.



Got a team of workout fans? Track the total number of fitness, yoga, crossfit or any other type of workout that you practise. The team with the highest number of classes in total for the duration of the challenge, wins.


Keep track of each training. Copy this template file and use it to write down the number of sessions passed by your team.


Sports headphones for each winning team member.



Teams consist of 4 people - no more, no less, this is a team effort. Only SiteGround employees are allowed to participate. You can be part of different teams for different challenges, but cannot participate in more than one team per challenge.


You have one week to gather and register your team. Registration closes on May 15 and all teams are final after that, so that each one has a month to compete.

Challenge Ends

The challenge ends on 27th of June. On this day we will ask you to fill in your final total results. Unless you submit your final results, we won't be able to take your performance into account. No cheating, please - this is for fun, so play fair and let the games begin!